Organic Colour Curl Care Control Systems

 used by Rhonda Leask Hairdressing


The Organic Care Systems range is designed to work in conjunction with Organic Colour Systems.  The Products are ph balanced and return the hair back to its natural ph level after colouring.  This keeps the hair healthy, shiny and reduces colour fade.

Specially selected natural and certified organic ingredients are used in the products, chosen carefully for their particular benefits.  Some of these include;

*Certified Organic Comfrey Root Extract - provides soothing and moisturising properties

*Certified Organic Chamomile Flower Extract - natural calming and healing effects

*Certified Organic Aloe Vera Extract - moisturises and cools the scalp

*Certified Organic jojoba seed oil - a natural conditioner

*Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil - a soothing and softening agent

*Certified Organic Sunflower Oil - a natural UV filter.


Organic Care Systems is a range of naturally-based shampoos, highly effective treatments and superb conditioners.  The products are designed to repair the structure of the hair and prevent colour fade.  They have been formulated to work in conjunction with Organic Colour Systems and maintain your new hair colour.  Created with certified organic extracts and natural ingredients, each of the four families is designed for a specific hair type.


Organic Control Systems is the first range of styling products which are completely plastic-free.  Bonds made with traditional plastic-based products tend to be brittle and break under vigorous movement.  This causes the style to lose shape and need re-styling or touching up to maintain a freshly styled look over the course of the day.  The unique formula of naturally-derived ingredients used in Organic Control Systems allows the hair to move, while maintaining its natural look and feel.  The result is exceptional curl memory, dynamic curl retention, anti-frizz and lustrous shine.


Organic Connect is a range of unique products, which meet specific needs of our customers.


Keratonics Hair Care haircare without questionable ingredients!

 used by 'Rhonda Leask Hairdressing'


With Keratonics, we help you maximise your health and beauty while minimising your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients.  Keratonics products are free from sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, dioxins and parabens.  They use Eu-allergie-friendly fragrances and are safely and clinically tested for worry-free, beautiful hair and these innovative and effective products contain natural ingredients to help you on your way to a toxin free lifestyle.

Imagine infusing your hair with sumptuous concoction of nourishing naturals, like rich and creamy wild mango, native to the ancient groves of Africa.  Or the smooth decadence of murumuru butter, traditionally grown deep within the tropical rainforests of South America. Perhaps you would like to indulge your hair with a tangy cocktail of exotic, hand-picked herbs like sunflower and date extract - used for centuries in Middle Eastern, Ayurvedic and Asian traditions.  Well You can with Keratonics! Each product features a special blend of botanicals indigenous to six continents that will make your hair look and feel fantastic.

Each product features cutting-edge hair care technology to help defend your hair from the ravages of the modern world.  We call it UrbanScreen complex, a blend of Enviromental Protective Actives. What that means is that by using Keratonics you give your hair a full range of antioxidant protection that helps your hair against colour fading, oxidation, daylight and pollution.

Keratonics salon performance system contains keratin, the principal protien found in the hair that gives it strength.  The range cleanses, nourishes, and protects your hair for professional-quality results.

Volumise flat lifeless hair, Calm unruley hair, and turn curly hair straight....Whatever your hair type we have a product for you.


"Colourherbe" Colours

Our extensive colouring range includes "Colourherbe" which is also free from amonia, parabens and other harmful chemicals, yet gives you natural vibrant looking colour, while maintaining healthy, shiny and beautifull hair. Get great results with colour herbe and keratonics.


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